About Us

The SCFSN believes that having a food secure community will benefits us all.

Who are we?

The SCFSN believes that having a food secure community will benefits us all. Examples of work that we do in the Moose Jaw area include:

  • Improve access to emergency food relief
  • Support families with food budgeting, skills and knowledge
  • Explore adequate income supports for families
  • Support food waste reduction
  • Connect local food producers and consumers

What is food security? How is it different from food insecurity?

Most definitions of food security focus on population-level access to food, a sustainable food system and the ability to attain food in a safe and dignified way.

Food insecurity is when people are unable to obtain enough food, or quality food, in a dignified way[1]. Food insecurity has been linked to household income[2]. This means that households without enough income, or with inconsistent income, are more likely to be food insecure.

Although strategies to address household food insecurity are required at provincial and national levels, we can take steps in our local communities to become more food secure.  

[1] Davis & Tarasuk. (1994). Hunger in Canada. Agriculture and Human Values; 11(4):50-57.

[2] PROOF. (2018). Household Food Insecurity in Canada. Retrieved from: http://proof.utoronto.ca/food-insecurity/.

How can I get involved?

  1. Join our Network. We are always looking for ways to build capacity and strengthen community action to support healthy food access in our community. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.
  2. Join the 100 Miles of Food Producers for the Moose Jaw Area directory. If you are a local producer within 100 miles of Moose Jaw, send us your information and we would be happy to include you in our directory.